How to scan a document and convert to PDF with Your Android

Scan Any Document with Android and Convert it to a PDF

You can scan any document with your Android phone or tablet and convert it to a PDF document.  This includes newspaper articles, pictures, printed documents...virtually anything printed can be converted to a pdf with your Android smartphone or tablet.  Here's how.


You need to scan a document (contract, photo, newspaper article, etc.) convert it to a pdf, and e-mail it to someone.  You are not at your office, but you have your Android smartphone or tablet, such as a Samsung Galaxy Tab, with you.


CamScanner - This application is available in the Amazon App store and it is only $1.99. CamScanner is easy to use and has proven, in my opionion, to be on my list of "must haves" for any Android smartphone or tablet.

How to scan documents and convert them to a PDF

  1. First, download and install CamScanner from the Amazon App Store.  There are two versions of this app, a free version (contains advertising) and a licensed version (costs only $1.99).

  2. After installing CamScanner on your Android phone or tablet, open the software by clicking on the CamScanner icon.

  3. Click on the icon on the bottom left corner of the screen, it looks like pages with a plus symbol on it.  This will open up your camera.

  4. Place your Android phone or tablet's camera over the document or image you wish to scan, then click the shutter button on the screen (the big circle).  This will scan your document into your Android phone or table.

  5. Click on the OK button on your screen.  Crop out any unwanted area of the document you just scanned by adjusting the green lines.  Do this by placing your finger on the dots on the corner and adjusting them to capture the desired area of the document.  Once you are done adjusting your lines, click the check mark on the screen.

  6. CamScanner will display your document on the screen.  To save your document, click the check mark and your document will be saved as a PDF.

  7. To convert your document to a pdf and send it as an attachment with your Android smartphone or tablet: click on the icon with the three circles on it.  This will create the pdf and attach it to an e-mail.

  8. All Done!

Download the CamScanner App for Android

You can Download the CamScanner App (licensed) easily from the Amazon App Store.  Here is a link to the download the free version of CamScanner for your Android.

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