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ThinkFree Office allows you to create Powerpoint presentations on your Android phone or tablet

ThinkFree Office is an app for your Android phone or tablet that allows you to create, view, and edit Powerpoint Presentations. I did a post recently about an application called, ThinkFree Office.  ThinkFree Office is an app for your Android smartphone or table that allows you to create, read, edit Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel, and Microsoft Word documents.

After I did the post about this on my blog, I decided to create my very own Powerpoint presentation using ThinkFree Office.  I did it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab and was done in a matter of minutes.  If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can download the HD version of ThinkFree Office from Amazon by clicking this link.

Getting Started with Powerpoint presentation on your Android Smartphone or Tablet

Here are some things that will help you once you download and install ThinkFree Office on your Android smartphone or tablet.

  • Have some basic graphics handy on your Android, this includes your logo, pictures and any other commonly used graphics

  • Keep your slides to a minimum, keep in mind, this will be created on a smartphone or tablet and you will not have a very large screen to work on.

  • Leave room at the bottom of your slides to make up for when it is viewed on a desktop or laptop computer.  When viewing your Powerpoint presenation on your tablet or smartphone, it may look fine in ThinkFree office, but when you open it on your computer, your text may not display because it is cut off on the bottom of your page.

[downloads_box title="Download 5 Ways to Use QR Codes" nocredit="true"]
Download Powerpoint Presentation - 5 Ways to Use QR Codes

[caption id="attachment_773" align="alignright" width="300" caption="ThinkFree Office Powerpoint Presentation Screenshot"]Screenshot of ThinkFree Office Powerpoint Presentation[/caption]

Other than those few things, it was very easy to create my Powerpoint presentation with my Samsung Galaxy Tab.  The Powerpoint presentation that I created was called, "5 Ways to Use QR Codes."  You can download this informative presentation from this website using the link provided.

Powerpoint Presentation Podcast

I am including a podcast about the Powerpoint presentation that I created using ThinkFree Office.  You can either play it by clicking the play button or download it to your computer or smartphone by clicking the download link.


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ThinkFree Office is an awesome tool for viewing Powerpoint presentations, Microsoft Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office documents. Click here to learn more about this Android app for smartphones and tablets.

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