Create Coupons with smartphone

You can now create coupons with your smart phone on Mobile coupons are a great way to save money, and drastically lower print costs.   Retailers are now able to create mobile web pages for their business and include coupons and special offers.  Each account coms with a QR code that can be printed on door signage,  business cards,  flyers, refrigerator magnets... virtually anything!  The best part about the mobile coupons is that this can all be managed using your smart phone!

Scan the QR code to create your account so you can start creating mobile coupons for your business.
[caption id="attachment_1897" align="alignright" width="300"]Scan this QR code to sign up for Mobile Coupons Scan this QR code to sign up for Mobile Coupons[/caption]

Here are the steps for creating your mobile coupons.

First scan the QR code.  We recommend he inigma barcode works very fast and can be found for virtually every type of smart phone.

Next complete the form by entering your business information in the fields.

That's it!  Now you are ready to start creating coupons for your customers.  


You will receive an e-mail with your custom QR code and log in information.  Keep this information handy so you can create your advertising with your custom QR code and mobile coupon.

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan - How to integrate mobile coupons
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