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With the new year approaching, you may be looking at creating a new marketing plan for your business. Between social media, QR codes, NFC, and all of the other tools that are out there, it can get overwhelming, especially if you are trying to incorporate everything.  As you are doing your new marketing plan for 2013, I created something that may be of help to you.

Mobile Coupons

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The Mobile Site Link Exchange now offers a new feature that allows businesses to create mobile coupons and special offers. If making money is in your marketing plan for the new year... which I am sure it is, then include the mobile coupons in your plan. There are many benefits to offering specials to customers, here are just a few:

  • build customer loyalty

  • increase sales while saving customers money

  • access real-time reports... on your smart phone too!

  • custom QR code that leads visitors to your very own business profile page.

Help with Marketing with Mobile Coupons

There is a free download that members of Mobile Site Link Exchange can access that provides detailed instructions on how to use mobile coupons.  This PDF should be downloaded and printed so that you can go through it and create your QR code and business profile page which also includes your mobile coupon.

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