PlayStation uses QR Codes with YouTube

PlayStation combines the power of QR codes with YouTube to promote The Last of Us for the PlayStation 3 game system.


I find this at Game Stop in Columbus,  Ohio and of course I got my smartphone and scanned it and discovered that it led me to a YouTube video promoting a video game. 

The counter top display looked awesome and it definitely got my attention. Sony did a great job with this QR code campaign for the following reasons:

    • The display was attractive

    • The QR code was large enough to be easily scanned and it was designed in such a way that grabbed the attention of people looking at it.

    • Sony used YouTube to display their promo video.

    This was an awesome and cost effective way to promote their video game.

    Any business, large or small could do a campaign like this to promote a new product, service or campaign. The value of combining QR codes with YouTube provides a cost effective way to promote with little investment required.

    Way to go Sony PlayStation!
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