Looking for a smartphone scanner?

Looking for a smartphone scanner?  If you have a Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, iPhone,  Android,  Windows Phone, etc. and you are looking for a smartphone scanner then read on!

Whether you are looking for a smartphone scanner to scan QR codes or NFC tags, the information below will help to get you started.

Smartphone Scanner for QR Codes

Smartphone scanner

The iNigma barcode scanner works on virtually any type of smartphone, and is available in your phone's app store for free. I have used the iNigma barcode scanner for years and have always recommended it because of its speed, it does not bloat web pages by adding unnecessary ads around mobile websites, works on virtually any type of mobile device, and it is free. Learn more about the iNigma barcode reader for Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry and other phones here - http://www.mobilesitelinkexchange.com/p/is-your-smartphone-ready-to-scan-qr.html

Smartphone scanner for NFC tags


There are many NFC tag scanners available in your smartphone's app store, but I recommend using the native scanner that is installed on your Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phone. I have tested it and it works great and I don't have to take up unnecessary space by installing another app on my phone. Learn how to use NFC by tapping or clicking this link -
click here to learn how to use NFC on Samsung Galaxy S3 (http://mobilesitelinkexchange.com/learn-how-to-use-nfc-on-samsung-galaxy-s3/)

I have tested many smartphone scanners and so far the iNigma bar code scanner has been the best. Visit your smartphone's app store today to download it and give it try.

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