Five Tips for a Successful QR Code Campaign - Educate Audience

In a previous post, "My QR Code Marketing Campaign Sucked," I identified some things that could have lead to the problem as well as some tips on how to make your next QR Code successful.

In this post I am going to elaborate further on one of the five tips on making a QR Code Marketing Campaign successful, specifically Consumer Education.

Educating your audience on scanning QR Codes is a big step in making any QR Code Marketing Campaign successful.  Although QR Codes have been around since 1994, you cannot assume everyone knows what to do with them when they see them on your materials.  The only way to be
sure is to educate them.  This doesn't have to be a long blog post or elaborate press release, it could be a simple sentence or two like,

 "Scan the QR Code with your mobile device to watch a video.  

Need a QR Code Reader?  Download the iNigma barcode scanner from your phone's app store."   

A picture is worth a thousand words.  You could also use a diagram or a series of pictures to show your audience how to scan QR Codes.  This can be fun and add some personality to your campaign.

Example Flyer to Educate Audience on QR codes

Example - How to educate audience on QR codes and offer Mother's Day Specials

Be as creative as you can be with your QR Code Marketing Campaign.

In my next blog post, I will provide information on Incentives and QR Codes.

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