Dole Uses QR Codes on Product Packaging

Dole uses QR Codes on product packaging to engage with consumers.  This is a great example of a national brand using QR Codes on Product Packaging. Dole salad interactive packaging included:

  • Information on the packaging about the QR Code 
  • Well sized and placed QR Code
  • Mobile landing page 

It includes all ingredients necessary for a successful QR Code marketing campaign as far as using them on products are concerned.  I have included a few screenshots so that you can see the mobile landing pages as well as the packaging and how Dole strategically placed the QR code on their packaging. Remember, when using QR Codes in your marketing campaign, it has to make sense to the end user. Simply placing a QR Code on product packaging, for example, and not having a valid reason does not make for a good marketing campaign. You will either not get the response you were looking to get, or you will confuse or possibly frustrate your audience. The Dole QR Code campaign works great and I feel is a good example of how a marketing campaign should be done.


Update:   On a personal note: Here are a few pictures to show what I did with my Dole Chopped Salad Kit.  I put it on a black bean burger and it was delicious!  I was so excited about it I had to share some pictures with you.

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