Is Your Website Mobile or Responsive?

 When using QR Codes for marketing, make sure your content is Mobile or Responsive.

It is very important that your website's content is responsive or mobile when using QR codes. Not making your content mobile or responsive takes the fun out of your campaign for your audience because they will have to work so hard to view your content.   Fortunately, this can be done easily and often for free and you don't have to have any programming skills to do it!  If you are using Word Press or even Blogger, you can do this easily. For, example, you can make your content easily accessible on mobile devices by enabling the mobile view in the settings if your site is hosted on Google's Blogger CMS. 

Examples of Mobile and Non-mobile Sites from QR Code Campaigns

 Max and Erma's QR Code Marketing

Heinz Mobile Friendly QR Code Campaign

Sunmaid Raisins QR Code Marketing

Sunmaid Raisins QR Code

Sunmaid Raisins Mobile Friendly

There are also a lot of free and paid templates that you can install on your website that will make your content mobile or Responsive.  You can find more information, including free templates here - Responsive Web Design - and "My Responsive Site -

This is part three of the five part series, "Five Tips for a Successful QR Code Campaign."  In case you missed the first two tips which covered consumer education and incentives, you can read them by clicking or tapping (if you are reading this on your mobile phone or tablet) the following links: Five Tips for a Successful QR Code Campaign - Educate Audience, and Tips for a Successful QR Code Campaign - Incentives.

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