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QR Codes for Customer Engagement

Here is another example of GNC using QR Codes.

I have written articles about major brands that use QR Codes on product packaging to engage with their customers and I am particularly impressed with the way GNC used them for a number of reasons all of which are listed below:

  • Good placement,
  • consumer education on product, and 
  • social media engagement. 

I have included a few images and screenshots of the new GNC Spiru-Meal product packaging.  I scanned the QR code with my Samsung Galaxy S5, see if you are able to scan it with your mobile device to experience what other GNC customers have.

GNC Marketing Opportunity

GNC took advantage of an opportunity to engage with consumers by placing a QR code on their new product to allow potential or existing customers to learn about their new product,  and share and explore their brand using multiple social media channels.

Overall, I think it is a good use of QR Codes.  Way to go GNC!

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