NFC Samsung Galaxy S5

NFC allows you to do cool things with your phone like make payments, transfer or download files and other things.  Once you get set up, using NFC is really easy.  You only have to tap your phone on the NFC tag to get started.

How to use NFC on Samsung Galaxy S5

Are you looking to use the NFC feature on your Samsung Galaxy S5?  Follow these instructions:

  1. Step 1.  Go to settings on your phone.  You can access it by sliding the menu from the top of your screen
  2. Step 2.  Tap on More Networks
  3. Step 3.  Tap on NFC
  4. Step 4.  Turn on NFC (located on top right of screen)
Step 1 - NFC Samsung Galaxy S5

NFC Samsung Galaxy S5 Step 2

NFC Samsung Galaxy S5 Step 3

NFC Samsung Galaxy S5 Step 4

NFC Samsung Galaxy S5 Step 5

That's it.  You also have other options on the NFC settings that you can modify. To turn them on, simply switch each one to the "On" position.

Now go "Tap Some Tags!"

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