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QR Codes on Raspberry packaging enables Driscoll to capture the opinion of their customers.

For those of you who enjoy the deliciousness of summer including the fruits that are in season, specifically raspberries,  you will be delighted to see that Driscoll includes QR Codes on their packaging.

Driscoll,  a leading provider of fresh berries headquartered in Watsonville,  California, has included QR Codes on their product packaging to engage and capture the opinion of consumers on their products. They obviously see the value in taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with consumers on a deeper level by including QR Codes on their packaging. Not to mention the valuable information they are able to obtain from the survey questions that are associated with the Driscoll QR Code.

I, of course, find this to be an awesome use of QR Codes and Driscoll, or their marketing team, did a great job of making sure their content was mobile friendly so that it is easily accessible on mobile devices.

I included a few images of Driscoll's product packaging along with a few screenshots of the mobile web pages affiliated with their mobile bar code.

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