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Angry Orchard has an awesome Mobile Marketing Campaign that involves talking trees and QR codes!

Angry Orchard has found a unique way to use their mobile website and QR codes to make for an engaging experience for consumers.  They strategically placed QR codes on their bottles so users can engage with their brand using their mobile device.  Angry Orchard's QR Code campaign was useful, engaging and entertaining!  Once you confirm that you are an adult, (simply by entering your birthday on the home screen) you will gain access to talking trees, product search and education and more!  Check out the photo and screenshots from Angry Orchard's QR code campaign below.

Angry Orchard's Creative Marketing is Awesome!

I think that this is on the top of my list of favorites due to the creativity and usefulness of the mobile web pages...particularly the talking trees!  Scan the code and check it out.

Get a Sneak Peek at a New Product Launch!

Here is a link to my new site that I am launching.  It is a mobile marketing toolbox that you can use to create QR Codes,  Poll Questions,  access data for your presentations and more!  Click or Tap here to visit before the official launch!

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