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Are QR Codes invading your kitchen too?

I have noticed recently how QR Codes are on a lot of products in my kitchen including everything from raspberries to wheat grass.  After scanning the QR codes, I have found that they are used mostly for recipes,  which makes a lot of sense due to the fact that they are on food items.

QR Codes on Butterball Turkey Burgers

QR Codes on Vitamins
QR Codes on Strawberries

QR Codes on Wheat Grass
Driscoll's QR Code

I think it is so cool how the power of QR Code technology is being recognized and used by major brands such as Campbell's,  Angry Orchard, Butterball, Sunmaid,  GNC, Land o Lakes, to name a few.  When you come across QR Codes on products in your kitchen,  I  encourage you to get your smartphone out and scan them.  You may be inspired by a new recipe or be greeted by talking trees like the one's from Angry Orchard

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