Seald Sweet International QR Code Marketing

Seald Sweet International launches QR Code Marketing campaign to engage consumers.   Here is the latest example from my collection of companies using QR Codes for marketing and engaging with consumers.   Seald Sweet International placed a large QR Code on the front of their product packaging and when scanned leads you to their website... and it is mobile! 

I have included a few pictures of the product packaging as well as a few screen shots of the Seald Sweet International website.   I like how this company made the step and added a QR Code to their packaging,  however;  I have a two small suggestions:

Include a line of text near the QR Code to encourage the consumer to scan, and

Instead of leading the user to the home page of your website,  lead them to a page directly related to the product.  That way you can educate them, offer coupons, encourage sharing on social media, etc.

Thank you Seald Sweet International for using QR codes, you did a great job of sparking my curiosity!   Not to mention the fruit is delicious!

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