Subway Restaurants QR Code Gets You a Free Cookie

Look who's using QR Codes to engage with their customers...Subway! Yes, Subway Restaurants are at it again and this time in there is something in it for you.
Before we get to the details,  let's learn learn a few quick facts about Subway:

  • They were founded in 1965 in Bridgeport, CT by Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca.  

  • They are owned and operated by Doctor's Associates, Inc.  

  • They also have a large Twitter following...they currently have over 2 million followers on Twitter as of the date of this post.

Subway is known for submarine sandwiches and salads and now for using QR codes as a means for obtaining valuable survey data.  

Subway Restaurants' Call to Action:  Scan the QR Code and take a survey

What did Subway do with the QR Codes?

Subway placed large QR Codes on their doors and offers a free cookie in exchange for completing a short survey.   The only catch is that you need to make sure you keep your receipt in order to complete the survey.  After the barcode is scanned, consumers are able to join their email list or continue to the mobile website to complete the survey. Once the survey is complete, the consumer is then given an access code to redeem for a free cookie.

Subway Restaurants' QR Code Marketing Campaign

The QR Code that Subway created leads consumers to a mobile friendly landing page that allows them to complete their survey.  Their use of mobile barcodes for this reason, I feel, has value for both the consumer and Subway Restaurants.  This is because they offer an incentive to consumers for completing the short survey which provides very valuable data for them about the service the customer received at their restaurant.  The data is traced by a store number, date, time, and method of payment, and in order to take the survey, the customer must enter this on the mobile Web page prior to completing it.  All of this information is printed on the receipt.

Subway Poll Question

What do you think about Subway Restaurants QR Code campaign?   Tap or scan to complete the Subway Poll question.  Once you submit your answer,  you will be able to see the answers submitted by others that took the Subway Poll.
Tap/click here to answer the Subway QR Code poll question

I have included a few screenshots and pictures of Subway Restaurants' QR Code and survey landing page.  Enjoy!


What do you think of Subway's use of QR Codes?  

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