Let the Christmas Season Begin

Now that Halloween is behind us,  it is time to launch your 2015 Christmas marketing campaigns. 
This holiday season, it is going to take some creativity,  innovation, and imagination to have a successful Christmas marketing campaign for 2015.  
2015 Holiday Marketing

If you haven't already finalized your 2015 Holiday marketing campaign for your business, here area a few ideas that you can use to integrate to enhance them and make them more efficient, effective, and engaging. 

Holiday Marketing Ideas
Television ads - Local television advertising can be effective when it comes to creating awareness about your business. 

Internet marketing - Paid ads are great and there are a number of services that you can use to get set up easily!   Check out Google Adwords.

Push Notifications - Push notifications allow for you to send instant notifications to customers that have your app installed on their mobile devices.  These can be very effective, however; make sure not to send too many as they can be annoying as SMS if you are not careful.

SMS Marketing - SMS messages are effective for sending special offers, sales and other marketing information to consumers. 

QR Codes - QR Codes are great for enhancing your print marketing campaigns.  They are also free and can be printed on virtually anything...newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc.  QR Codes allow consumers to engage with your print campaigns with their mobile devices. QR Codes can lead consumers to special offers, your mobile app, videos, websites, poll questions, and social media sites, for example.

NFC - NFC works similar to QR Codes.  They are also great for enhancing your print marketing campaigns.  A lot of mobile devices already have NFC Readers installed on them.  NFC marketing may require you to hire a marketing expert that has experience with programming NFC tags for your campaigns. 

Newspaper/Print Marketing - Print marketing can be combined with the above mentioned campaigns to create a diverse, engaging marketing campaign.

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