What are QR codes?

What are QR Codes (Quick Response Codes)

This post is great for those of you who need a quick introduction to Quick Response or QR codes.  It is the perfect resource to help you give a quick introduction to someone who is unfamiliar with qr codes.  It is written in very simple terms and gives additional resources to help you explain and demonstrate the use of quick response codes to any person who is new to it or if you are trying to sell the idea to them.

Where did QR codes come from?

QR, or quick response codes were invented in 1994 in Japan by a company called, Denso-Wave.

What are QR Codes? How do they look?

Quick Response codes are 2d codes are encoded with data such as website addresses, contact information, text, and other information.  They can be used in offline marketing campaigns, on websites, business cards, posters or other items. You can use a scanner such as Neoreader, i-Nigma, or Codescan(iPhone), to scan the QR or 2d codes with your mobile phone.

How do you scan the QR codes?

Scanning bar codes with your smartphone is simple:

  • First, install a qr code reader for your mobile phone, you can find these in your smartphone's app store.  They are a lot of free ones available, just search for "barcode scanner" and a lot of results will be displayed.

  • After you install the qr code reader on your phone, open it and point your camera over the code.

  • If you have automatic scanning on your smart phone, such as Android, or iPhone your phone will automatically read or 'decode' the Quick Response code.

  • You will be taken to a URL associated with that code.

That's it!

Additional Resources

More coming soon!
Create your very own barcode on our website by clicking this link - http://www.mobilesitelinkexchange.com/2014/02/how-can-i-get-qr-code-read-on-to-find.html

Click here to see the video!


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More photos of QR Codes

Photo of QR code for live polling sessions

Photo of QR Code on Heinz ketch up bottle

Photo of QR code on Dole salad

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